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Please remember the following Summer curfew rules.  In all cases, the umpire's timepiece is the official reference. 

1. No game may continue past 10 p.m.  No exceptions... not even if the count is 3-2 with 2 outs in the bottom of an inning.  Pack-up, go home, unwind, go to sleep.  As a condition of installing lights, the League and Town agreed that lights would be off at 10:00 PM.  Time needs to be allowed for players to pack-up and depart before lights out.

2.  No new full inning (i.e., the top of the...) shall start after 9:30 p.m.  A new full inning is considered to have started immediately after the 3rd out in the bottom of the prior inning.   Example: If the 3rd out is made at or before 9:29:59 p.m, then a new full (top of) inning may be started.   Further Clarity: Do not expect to start a new full inning at 9:30:01 p.m. because you think you can get it in by 10 p.m.  The umps are authorized to leave the field in such cases.

3.  Field Etiquette for Evening Doubleheaders:  Games are scheduled to avoid infringing on each other's time slot.  However should the first game run long, following are the policies for the three potential situations when Game#2's warm-up time, or even game start time, might be a affected:

  3a. BSBTC Game followed by BSBTC Game:  The first BSBTC game is allowed to continue to completion, unless the managers in that game agree to suspend play.  The second game must follow our local time limit stipulations #1 and #2 shown above.  Respect for local curfews is a part of the BSBTC rules.

  3b. BSBTC Game followed by a Jimmy Fund Game:  The BSBTC game is allowed to run to completion because the result is needed to schedule and seed their bi-weekly tournament.

  3c. Jimmy Fund Game followed by Jimmy Fund Game:    For the first game of the evening, no new inning may begin after 7:30 PM or the division's time limit, whichever is earlier.  The second game must stop at the earlier of their time limit, or the 9:30/10:00 PM hard limits listed in stipulations #1 and #2 above.

4.  Turning the Lights Off:  The Home team manager is responsible for turning-off the lights at their field after their attendees have safely entered the parking lot. However, the lights at Center Field should remain "on" if a game is still in progress on Lower Featherlnd-Left  Field.  This will allow a safer walk along the path past Center Field. 

Note: Always shut off the lights manually using the appropriate field's switch in the concession stand; the basement timer cannot be relied upon due to factors such as power outages on a prior calendr day causing it to go out of sync.

 Art Krusinski, Sudbury Playing Rules Interpreter.  e-mail: Tel#:  978-443-6101.