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Line-up Templates & Other Recommendations



Line-up Template #1
Line-up Template #2



Other Recommendations

  • Remember the "spirit" of the game.
  • Allow each ballplayer to play as many positions, as possible, during the season.
  • Does each ballplayer have a glove that fits their hand appropriately?
  • Immediately request a parent coordinator to be in charge of coordinating snack-shack activity for the season (AAA and Majors).
  • Use discretion when assigning players to 1st base.
  • Indicate your mode of communication you will use to communicate with your team during the season (email, hotline, etc.)
  • The home team is responsible for calling the scheduled umpire 24 hours prior to the game to confirm time and location.
  • Umpires MUST be notified at least 1 hour in advance of game cancellations.
  • It is the responsibility of both managers to reschedule games and umpires. Confirm field availability with your commissioner(s).