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Updated 4/5/21


General Guidelines

General guidelines are set forth by the Massachusetts Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs (Workplace Safety and Reopening Standards for Businesses and Other Entities Providing Youth and Amateur Sports Activities  Phase IV Step 1 as well as Little League guidelines.

Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of our players, families and community is a SHARED RESPONSIBILITY between LS Youth Baseball, Volunteer Coaches, Players, Families and broader community. To the extent a matter is not addressed below, Commonwealth of Massachusetts and CDC protocols must be followed.

Please read these in detail and share them with your player.

As we move to and from Phase IV, Step 1 to other Phases additional protocols may be added or removed based upon guidance from the Commonwealth and Town of Sudbury.  We will update the following as appropriate.

Families are required to notify their coach and the league (E-Mail: lssudburybaseball@gmail.com) if a player or coach tests positive for COVID-19.

o   The positive player or coach will not be allowed to practice or play (coach) in games for at least 10 days after being notified of the positive test and will be required to have a negative COVID-19 test and/or clearance from the Sudbury Board of Health after their separation period is completed.

o   Coach will work with league personnel for contact tracing 

Per Massachusetts COVID-19 Command Center, Exposure and Return to Work Guidelines (3/8/2021) (Link: MA COVID-19 Command Center: Exposure and Return to Work Guidance, players, coaches, or any others associated with the team who were exposed to COVID-19 must remain quarantined and cannot participate in practices or games until protocols with associated with the link above are achieved.

Travel: When traveling outside the state, players/coaches/etc. will be required to follow the Massachusetts COVID-19 Travel Order (effective March 22, 2021) (Link: Mass.gov COVID-19 Travel Order):


Legal / Regulatory Requirements


1.      LS Youth Baseball has established a Committee consisting of board members and other members of the community to ensure that these protocols are established in accordance with applicable requirements described above.

2.      These procedures will be provided to the Sudbury Parks and Recreation Department and the Sudbury Park and Recreation Commission, the overseeing Town organization for youth sports.

3.      Obtain signed LS Youth Baseball Waiver (Waivers) from each family at Featherland before the first practice accompanied by a reference of where to obtain these COVID-19 policies and procedures.  If no waiver is signed, no player can play.

5.      Ensure coaches are educated and trained to these protocols and serve as a point of contact for each team for the league and families to address any COVID-19 related matters.

6.      All coaches are REQUIRED to attend training on these procedures and specific requirements regarding social distancing and hygiene protocol.

7.      Post these protocols to the LS Youth baseball website to provide transparency to families and the community as to what to expect in a COVID-19 environment.


Social Distancing

1.      All Players, Coaches, Umpires and Spectators MUST wear facial coverings at all times. 


2.      Spectators must spread out along the entirely of the field, including the outfield fence to ensure proper social distancing.  Note that players will be using the typical spectator viewing areas (i.e. Left and Right Field line outside of the fence) as their ‘social distant’ dugout. No spectators can be in front of the players.


3.      Game Start Times (when appropriate to play) are staggered (Players must not arrive more than 30 minutes prior to game time, unless it is the 1st game of the day.


4.      Practice Start Times are staggered (must not arrive more than 20 minutes prior to practice, unless it is the first practice of the day.


5.      Snack Shack will not open for the season and should not be used.  Restrooms (if open) will be open and maintained by the Town of Sudbury.


6.      NO handshaking/celebrations: Players and coaches must refrain from handshakes, high fives, fist/elbow bumps, chest bumps, group celebrations, etc.


7.      Team sizes will be minimized


8.      Player MUST adhere to social distancing, during games players must be able to be 6 feet apart in the dugout (i.e. 2-3 players in a Featherland dugout), all other players appropriately social distancing outside the dugout, in a safe area, along left field/right field lines in a dedicated area with their personal equipment. During practices LS Youth Baseball will restrict dugouts and encourage players to store equipment along the fence line spaced out 6 feet apart to ensure social distancing.


9.      Only parking at Featherland in marked spaces, vehicles parking in grass areas or other unmarked areas WILL BE TOWED.



  1.   All dugouts are provided hand sanitizer.  Players and coaches are encouraged to use between innings.  In addition, hand sanitizer will be available at various stations around Featherland.

  2.      Families are encouraged to purchase hand sanitizer to provide to the player to be used on an individual basis.

  3.      Sharing of personal bats, helmets or any other personal items or equipment should be limited.  If equipment is shared it must be sanitized prior to the use of another player by a coach.  Only team issued equipment will be shared.  Personal player equipment should not be shared. 

4.      No food, gum, seeds or similar items is allowed to be eaten by players during games or practices. 


5.      Players must bring personal, marked, water bottles only.  There is no sharing of water bottles or any other personal items.


6.      Any player, or other person not feeling well, MUST not attend games or practices.  Parents are responsible for checking with your player before leaving home how they are feeling.  If your player does not feel well, regardless if they are symptomatic of COVID-19, they MUST stay at home.


7.      Coaches must evaluate players each day for symptoms of COVID-19.  If a coach feels that a player is not feeling well, it will be the parent’s/guardian’s responsibility to immediately pick up that player


Failure to comply with these rules may forfeit a team’s season and potentially jeopardize the entire league being able to participate this spring through the revocation of field permits.  

Any player who fails to comply with any of these requirements as requested by a coach will not be allowed to play.

We as a Lincoln and Sudbury Community have a shared responsibility to ensure that these protocols are met for the safety of our families and community.