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The AAA and/or Majors Commissioners sometimes need to schedule two consecutive games on the same field.   Such a doubleheader might consist of two full six inning games; or a resumption of a game suspended earlier in the season followed by a new game.  When either happens, the following rules apply.

1.  On any evening before a school day, no new (i.e., top of an) inning may be started after 9:00 p.m.  

2.  A "resumption" game must preceed a new game.  This helps ensure that at least one game (the one previously in progress) will be played to completion.

3.  A new (non-resumption) game may not start the top of a new inning unless there are at least 25 minutes until the scheduled start time of the following game on the field.  This is to ensure that the next game can start on time.

A resumption game may start the top of a new inning without regard for this 25 minute buffer.  They should continue playing until the  enough innings have been completed for the game to be deemed a "Regulation Game", but in no case may they go past the start time of the following game if different teams are involved or it will cause "downstream" delays.

4.  On some weekdays, the commissioners might permit a game to start earlier than the typical 5:45 p.m. start time.  In establishing the earlier start time, they must be sure to factor-in travel time from work/school/home for players, managers and umpires, and adequate team warm-up time.

5.  Some divisions have Run Differential Rules (aka, "Mercy Rule"), half inning run limits, a no-new-inning-starts-after" limit, and a hard stop time limit. See the respectve division's Rules Document for further details.

6.  Majors and AAA games are equally important.  Neither may bump the other at the field.

Art Krusinski, Rules Interpreter.  E-mail:  978-443-6101